We have been producing all equipments for dunnage airbags for over 12 years, are a global supplier, and the only supplier able to provide every type of dunnage airbag valves, dunnage airbag air guns, dunnage airbag inflator, dunnage airbag air adapters to the dunnage airbag industry. As an industry leader we are dedicated to creating the highest quality products, and the best innovations for airbag.

We manufacture and supply dunnage airbag equipments,spare parts, products and provide solutions for all your dunnage airbag needs. With manufacturing facilities in Turkey, as well as worldwide; we aspire to provide the following:

·         Quality products and services

·         On-time delivery

·         Communication

·         Quality improvement



Please visit our website for dunnage bag inflators :  http://www.dunnagebaginflators.com